Vizanar is a specialized business advisory that extends turnkey solutions to alcobev and FMCG companies. We bring together unparalleled experience, knowledge and understanding to provide insights and solutions to the most critical challenges that companies are faced with today.

    Headquartered in Bangalore, India, our versatile team works alongside clients in the capacity of advisory engagement as well as operational involvement. The Vizanar leadership holds the distinction of having delivered exceptional results across the value chain. We are a leading authority in the FMCG sector, with extensive domain experience in building world-class companies.


    At Vizanar, we evaluate high-value opportunities and assess key challenges to provide tailored solutions that deliver sustained growth. Our multi-functional initiatives are aimed at financial, operational and strategic transformations, enabling our clients to achieve optimal revenues, improved margins and effective brand positioning.


    The obstacles encountered in the domains we serve are numerous, however, the opportunities present vastly outweigh them. At Vizanar, we use an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to address the key issues and challenges confronting our clients. We ensure that organizations are entirely aligned with the objectives of their enterprise through extensive analysis and appraisals. Our knowledge, resources and expertise qualifies companies to navigate the marketplace by vastly improving on their business and delivery models.


    With an exceptional background to draw upon, Vizanar is in a position to provide customers an edge over their competitors. Our in-depth insights, functional expertise and readiness to share new and innovate business strategies have helped our clients succeed in an increasingly competitive industrial landscape.

Vizanar Alcobev


Vizanar is qualified to consult on a broad range of services across a variety of disciplines. With a rich collective experience that adds up to over 400 years spent working in every aspect of the industry, we give our clients a competitive edge to make and break the market. When it comes to the alcobev and FMCG sector, we provide extensive expertise to build a thriving business from the bottom up.

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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Vizanar initiates an integrated approach to mergers and acquisitions drawn from our years of experience in helping companies expand and keep up with their projected growth. With keen insight in the alcobev and FMCG markets, we leverage our knowledge and vast network to negotiate rewarding alliances and partnerships that are in line with strategic targets.

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    Business and Marketing Strategy

    Businesses need to develop a well-informed marketing strategy in order to succeed. Vizanar is equipped to formulate practical and measurable marketing models, enabling our clients to evaluate their growth and achieve a sustainable business advantage. With reliable methods of reaching new customer segments and increasing product awareness, we give our clients an edge over competitors by improving their overall development and market penetration.

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    Manufacturing Strategy and Operations

    Our tailored approach to addressing our clients’ needs enables us to reach the source of the many challenges that they face. Upon assessing a whole host of factors such as production and operation costs, manufacturing capacity, core capabilities, available resources, equipment and personnel, we help implement operations that achieve the highest levels of efficiency and world-class quality.

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    Product and Blend Development

    Our consultancy covers every aspect of distillation and plant operations, guiding our clients to create the finest products in the market. As pioneers in the field, we help formulate superior blends by incorporating high quality raw materials, best-in-class processes and true craftsmanship.

  • 05

    Distillery and Brewery set up on a Turnkey basis

    Our specialized expertise in the manufacturing stage of spirits, wines and beers helps us provide end-to-end solutions that synchronize production with expected outcomes. From selection of the right equipment to ensuring timely delivery, we draw a detailed program using best advisory practices.

  • 06

    Distillation, Brewing Processes and Quality Control

    Vizanar guides clients towards adopting the highest calibre technologies and processes. We provide a comprehensive framework for the implementation of standards and quality checks, integrating advanced capabilities and repeatable processes that consistently meet specifications.

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    Distribution & Logistics

    Improving efficiencies and enhancing productivity is the key to enabling growth in any business, especially manufacturing. Having worked with some of the world's leading companies and products, Vizanar has cultivated a solid commercial understanding of the industry. We help our clients optimise production by adopting perfected systems of distribution and logistics.

  • 08

    Procurement & Vendor Development

    Vizanar provides effective accountability models that are unique to the industry. Our team is proficient at identifying accomplished service providers who will deliver on our clients’ requirements. Cost and vendor performance optimization is one of our key operational capabilities.

  • 09

    Information Technology & Analytics

    Realizing the full potential of our clients' strategic needs and long-term goals requires accurate IT and analytics capabilities. Vizanar helps create and maintain effective operating models using leading-edge technologies and IT resources.

  • 10

    Corporate and Product Public Relations

    We shape opinions through thoughtful and effective positioning in the public domain. Our experts have driven market cap maximization for companies and engaged with the most revered opinion leaders in specific industry verticals.


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At Vizanar we take great pride when it comes to the development of new brands. Our vast expertise in alcohol beverage development and management allows us to launch new blends successfully across markets. We follow an established process when it comes to launching any new product including undertaking a detailed needs and economic analysis study, creation of the brand name, packaging design, blend development, overseeing tasting sessions for blend feedback, and publication of final production SOPs. Learn more about our new development process by clicking on the link.



We are proud to have worked with many established industry stalwarts, as well as launched and grown several start-ups over the years. Our portfolio includes having worked with Unibev, Grayson’s Distillers & Vinters, Siddham Beverages, Tilaknagar Industries, and William Grant & Sons, amongst others. Read our case studies to learn more about our many success stories.

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Tilaknagar Industries LTD
William Gran&Sons